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I still remember when, at the age of 16, I was treading a laboratory for the first time. That course I could see first hand a multitude of scientific demonstrations that corroborated the same number of theories, making more tangible the stumps That I had to learn

As I grew up, I got to know and learn quite curious demonstrations. For this reason I have come up with the following question:

What scientific demonstration do you find most curious?

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Last week's question

Last week we asked you: Can video games make us smarter? The most voted answer by you was that of fanofscience, which responded:

Yes. And it is not speculation or opinion. Is demonstrated. You can consult this article: //www.experientiadocet.com/2011/01/como-mejor… I leave you a specific fragment: “some video games can improve general mental agility. In general, those that require motor control, visual search, working memory, long-term memory and decision making. But above all they must require the elixir of neuroplasticity: concentration, specifically the ability to control and direct attention to different tasks. We are talking about video games whose fundamental basis is strategy (ideally in real time), with increasing levels of difficulty. We have to point out that few video games meet these conditions but there are, there are. ”

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