Infographic showing how far we have come in our study of the Solar System

On one occasion, the epidemiologist David Bradley He documented the travel patterns of his great-grandfather, his grandfather, his father and his own during the 100 years prior to the 1990s. The result was as follows. Great-grandfather: he never left a square of 40 by 40 km. Grandfather: a square of 400 km. Father: he traveled all over Europe, covering a square of 4,000 km. Bradley himself: became globetrotter, covering the 40,000 km circumference of the Earth.

Something similar can be seen in the following infographic documenting the distances they have traveled all vehicles designed by humans off Earth. For now, the Moon and Mars.

At the head we have the Lunakhod 2. This huge lunar vehicle circulated 23 miles (37 kilometers) on the Moon during its 1973 mission.