When you think you knew everything, a pink lake appears

Yes Barbie I would like to have a lake I should look for it in Middle island, an island in Southwest Australia, because there you would have to move to find Lake Hellier, a lake of pink waters.

Unlike other lakes or lagoons, color is neither an optical effect nor is it because of the composition of the soil, water is like that, pink.

According to visitor testimonies, the hue changes depending on the distance or the light, but it is still pink.

The exact reason is unknown., although it is true that this curious hue is associated with the salts that contain it. Another possible explanation is found in the microorganisms that inhabit it, such as Halobacerias or microalgae of the species Dunaliella Salina.

The lake, about 600 meters long, is surrounded by a ring of sand and a thick forest of Eucalyptus and Melaleuca, a setting worth visiting.

It seems that the waters of this lake they do not represent any kind of threat to human health, just in case I didn't bathe. Of course, it would fill the camera card with thousands of photos. Who does not?

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