[Video] Vaccines according to Pen and Teller

There is a small collection of comedians, illusionists and entertainers in general they focus their shows in fighting pseudosciences or in demonstrating the benefits of the scientific method. In general, they are characters that use humor or showman codes to get science to the public. For example, in Britain, Stephen Fry, or the illusionist Derren Brown.

The other day I also discovered the British Tim Minchin and its monologue-song Do you know what they call alternative medicine when it proves it works?

Today it's time to jump the puddle to take a look at Penn Y Teller, who are American comedians and illusionists who offer shows like the following, where are retaliated at ease on the subject of anti-vaccine movements:

The anti-vaccine movements are not only irresponsible with their relatives, but with the whole world. If you want to read the last case of fever vaccine, you may want to take a look at the Materia article in which the case of nun and doctor Teresa Forcades is reported.