Washing raw chicken increases the risk of food infection

Notice to consumers: stop washing raw chicken, as it increases the risk of food infection. The bacteria campylobacter may be present in the chicken and when washing it all we do is contaminate the work surfaces in our kitchen, our clothes and the utensils that we use through the splashes of raindrops.

The most common reasons why we wash chicken are to remove dirt or germs. The campylobacter enteritis is one of the most common causes of food infection, mainly associated with the consumption of poorly cooked poultry, fresh vegetables or unpasteurized milk. Symptoms, diarrhea, abdominal pain, fever nausea a vomit.

Most infected people heal within a few days, but in some patients may cause health problems long-term. To prevent the spread of the bacteria, the chicken we consume must be well cooked

As a rule the treatment for infection by campylobacter It consists of drinking plenty of water, controlling the diet, eating foods rich in potassium and mineral salts. Of course, each case may be different, so it is recommended Visit our doctor.