They discover a planet very similar to Earth that orbits around a red dwarf

Australian astronomers have just discovered a planet that could be very similar to the Earth. The planet called 832C Gliese orbits a dwarf red star call Gliese 832 in the constellation of Grus.

The planet is much closer to its sun than we are of ours, however the energy produced by Gliese 832 is much smaller than that of Sun, so the amount of energy received for the planet is smaller than the one receiving the Earth.

The surface temperature of Gliese It is influenced by its thick atmosphere and seasonal variations. 35-day orbit It produces seasons that last a couple of weeks.

An interesting fact is the distance to the Earth, 16.1 light years, which is much less than the distance to any other habitable planet, for example 186f Kepler It is 500 light years away. The problem is that using our current technology, It would take about 80,000 years to reach the planet.