Puberty begins with a kiss

It is not a poetic figure, literally puberty begins with a kiss. Well, not so literally, but almost: it starts with a KISS. He KISS-1, the gene that codes for kisspeptin, produced in the hypothalamus, that is the starter of puberty. Some people have a mutation in the KISS-1 system, which causes them to never reach adolescence.

So important is the KISS-1 to start puberty that is often said: "Puberty starts with a kiss" (Puberty begins with a kiss). This gene discovered by American researchers at Hershey was named after the most famous product in this town: the Hershey Chocolate Kiss.

As he explains Dick swaab in his book We are our brain Regarding puberty:

The evolutionary advantage of puberty is obvious: teenagers prepare for reproduction. And adolescent behavior, with its rebellion against the family, reduces the possibility that reproduction occurs in this area and, therefore, also minimizes the risk of inherited anomalies. The abandonment of the nest brings with it the search for new experiences, exposure to great risks without any fear and impulsive behavior. Adolescents only think of the consequences in the very short term and during their risky choices they are insensitive to punishment. This is due to the immaturity of the prefrontal cortex.

Another important hormone to enter puberty is melatonin, an epiphysis hormone, the pineal gland. It is one of the substances that prevents children from entering puberty, so the production of this hormone decreases during adolescence.

This role of melatonin has been known since 1898, when Otto Heubner He described a 4-year-old boy who had already entered puberty due to a brain tumor that had damaged the epiphysis.

Video: Puberty - The First Kiss (November 2019).