Tobacco and academic performance

It was not until 1968 that French researchers wrote for the first time that alcohol consumption during pregnancy could cause malformations in the child.

Similarly, it took a long time to explain that smoking during pregnancy is the most frequent cause of perinatal mortality and doubles the possibility of sudden death. It also increases the chances of having a premature birth, decreases the weight of the baby, increases the risk of obesity in the future and even slows brain development and worsens school performance.

The Dutch neurologist Dick swaab abounds in the pernicious effects of tobacco during pregnancy in his book We are our brain:

The child is more likely to develop attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), aggressive behavior, impulsivity, language and attention problems, and in the case of male children it also has its effects on testicular development and future disorders reproductive

Despite all this, still 12% of pregnant women continue to smoke. Even the use of nicotine patches does not cut this problem, because nicotine can also affect brain development, what causes children with more school problems.

If all Dutch women quit smoking during pregnancy, there would be 30% fewer children born prematurely, the number of babies born underweight would be reduced by 17% and health costs would be cut by twenty-six million.

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