A Spanish teacher finalist of the Global Teachers Awards

In most cultures and societies, the figure of the teacher It is respected and considered a fundamental pillar in the education of the new generations. In some cases, teachers even receive rulers and congratulations one day a year, as happens in Vietnam and its curious tradition that is celebrated in a sort of mixed Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Spain is not a country too linked to respect for its teachers. They are poorly paid, they are generally insufficiently prepared and their authority is often questioned, when not reviled. That is why it is very surprising that one of the finalists at Global Teacher Awards, endowed with a million dollars, be a Spanish teacher, specifically a Primary teacher in Zaragoza.

In the field of science he has had figures as the Professor of Physics Walter Lewin and his videos from YouTube and iTunes University with millions of fans: he has been teaching lessons that seem like stories for more than forty years, where he even proposes himself as the protagonist (he has put his head in front of a wrecking ball, an overload of 300,000 volts and other niceties before a muted auditorium). In this style of active education and, above all, training in values ​​and not so much in accumulation of data belongs The Primary Teacher of CEIP Puerta de Sancho de Zaragoza César Bona It is among the 50 finalist candidates to win the Global Teacher Award, which the Varkeys Foundation summons.

His classes are dynamic, empathic and, in addition, very proactive. Bona is the founder of the virtual animal protector 'Children for animals'. He has also shot a short film with his students Silent movie, The importance of being called Applewhite, which has been screened at children's film festivals around the world.

For this reason, the organization of the award has chosen the Spanish professor as one of the 50 finalist professors from among the 1,300 shortlisted candidates who, in turn, were chosen from among the more than 5,000 who attended the contest from 127 countries.

Video: Global Teacher Prize 2019 Top 10 Finalist - Peter Tabichi (April 2020).