Urbee: the first car manufactured by 3D printing

The future does not resemble that of Back to the Future with their flying cars, nor to the dysotopic Blade Runner With endless buildings of lights. However, the future seems more interesting than that posed by those and other science fiction films.

None knew to predict that the cars of the future, especially, would be 3D printed. As is the case with Urbee, the first car manufactured in this way.

The Urbee has been created by KOR EcoLogic, a company based in Winnipeg, Canada. It only has two seats, it's electric hybrid. It can circulate at 65 kilometers per hour powered by solar or wind energy that can be generated every day on an area equivalent to that of a parking space.

If necessary, the user can activate a reserve engine powered by ethanol.

Everything is printed in 3D, except the chassis and the engine. The rest of the car parts are plastic. In addition, you can change the model and some features easily because the print code is open. As he adds Jeremy Rifkin in his book The society of zero marginal cost:

Finally, the cost of driving a car printed in 3D and powered by renewable energies of local origin is almost free. The cost of fuel used by the Urbee is only $ 0.015 per kilometer, a third of the cost per kilometer for a Toyota Prius.

The vehicle is printed in 3d but needs human workers to assemble it. Most parts are manufactured by adding layers in a continuous process instead of relying on mounting separate parts, which means less labor, as well as less time and less material.

Currently, more advanced Urbee models are being manufactured, such as Urbee 2, which weighs about 1,200 pounds (550 kg), and thirty percent less than the original Urbee. Design Urbee 2 It includes more than 50 3D printed components, and many of the printed components are designed with three-dimensional structures designed to provide more strength and stiffness.

Most, if not all 3D printed components, are made of ABS plastic, but polycarbonate components can also be printed for greater strength. However, in most places, the Urbee 2 is likely to be registered as a motorcycle, as its size and weight does not fit most of the definitions of a car.

Video: URBEE 1st 3D Printed Car Body (November 2019).