What happens when you shake and open a Coca-Cola several meters under the sea

The astronaut Chris Hadfield, what in Xataka Science He has already shown us a thousand and one everyday aspects of life in microgravity thanks to his stay at the International Space Station (as First song recorded and performed in space or How an astronaut cuts his hair), shows us what happens when you open a Can of Coca-Cola in a pre-mission training facility in the space located several meters under the ocean.

More specifically, what happens if you previously shake the can. On Earth, what happens is that you splash yourself. Under the sea, at 2.5 times the pressure on the land, at sea level, however, nothing's happening. Because the pressure of the can and what is in the atmosphere are equivalent. There is no danger of being made a heavy joke.

Video: Opening a Soda on the Ocean Floor (April 2020).