Attend the Carl Sagan classes of the 1960s: Richard Feynman's videos

Bill gates had bought the rights to a series of lectures by the legendary physicist of Caltech Richard Feynman. The videos were filmed by the BBC, which had hired the rights since then. Fortunately they were made available to the public in 2009, and now you can press play to watch them (with automatic subtitles, yes). Here you have them all.

Richard Feynman was an excellent communicator, at the level of Carl Sagan, besides being iconoclastic and extravagant. Nobel Prize in Physics, in 1965, he was also fond of topless bars. Feynman recounts how he liked the atmosphere of this type of bars to relax. There he used to ask for a 7-Up and enjoy the show. Among other things, he said: "The first principle is that one should not deceive oneself and one is the easiest person to deceive."