A manuscript of Alan Turing is sold for $ 1 million

Perhaps the last film adaptation of the life of Alan Turing, The Imitation Game, played by the great Benedict Cumberbatch, has been a small influence for Turing's name to gain in popularity and, thus, a 56-page manuscript of his handwriting that contains formulas and notes has been sold for $ 1,025,000 at an event organized by the Bonhams auction house.

Or perhaps this price has also been reached because it is the only document of this extension that is preserved from Turing, and that the mathematician and cryptographer Alan Turing, along with his wife, he was responsible in the shadow of the Allies winning World War II thanks to a mechanical brain of their own construction that allowed to decipher the Nazi secret codes.

In fact, this auctioned manuscript was written while Turing was working on this mechanical brain in the Bletchley Park military facility and that constitutes the first step to modern computing.

Despite his achievements, in 1952, the British government of the time condemned him to undergo a chemical castration process through hormonal treatment for his homosexual status. A popular campaign got Queen Elizabeth II of England to grant her at the end of 2013 forgiveness posthumously.

Video: Alan Turing: Manuscript by Nazi code breaker sells for $1m at New York auction (November 2019).