The future of the Internet of Things at the Fira de Barcelona

Yesterday a show dedicated to the Internet of Things (IOT), the Fira de Barcelona, ​​was released IOT Solutions World Congress, an appointment showing the latest internet solutions applied to objects and industry by giants such as HP, IBM or Accenture.

Too Amazon Robotics It has shown how 10 of its logistics centers already have a system of thousands of robots that are the ones that move through the aisles to bring the objects closer to the packaging points. The robots are connected as Wi-Fi to the central system, and since they hardly need a very narrow corridor to pass, this has also expanded the product storage space.

Deutsche Telekom It has also shown a vending machine that sends live information to the owner of the same about the products that are sold and what needs to be replaced. For its part, Bosch He has taught his tools of the aeronautical industry with Wi-Fi and a control screen that allow you to program with what precision and what types of screws should be placed in each place.

For its part, Intel He has defended at the congress that a consensus be reached regarding the standards of the Internet of Things, so that users gain by being able to apply the IOT on any machine in the home.

The Internet of Things concept was proposed by Kevin Ashton at the MIT Auto-ID Center in 1999, and you can read more about how the world will end up changing in this link.

Video: IoT Solutions World Congress. Preview video (November 2019).