This is the hottest soup ever cooked and its temperature is 250,000 times that of the Sun

Many will argue that the hottest soup they have ever tasted is the soup their grandmother serves them. But let's be fair: this is not true. The hottest soup in the world was made very recently and reached a temperature so high that we find it unimaginable.

The thermal waters, for example, that come from the underground layers of the earth, can be divided, depending on their temperature, as: cold (less than 20 ° C), hypothermal (20-35 ° C), mesothermal (35-45 ° C ), hyperthermal (45-100 ° C) and super thermal (100-150 ° C). Many find therapeutic virtues when bathing in such waters, there are even, in Egypt, sand baths, without water in between. But these temperatures are cold if we compare them with the following.

If we put a pan over medium-low heat we will reach about 200 ºC, a temperature that is no longer pleasant for anyone. A hotter soup is the lava of the volcanoes, which reaches 1,300 ° C. The steel could already melt at 2,400 ° C (and also the T-1000).

But they are still warm soups compared to the quarks and gluons soup that originated from colliding gold atoms with each other at speeds close to that of light. Thus it was possible to reach a temperature 250,000 times higher than the temperature inside the Sun. As explained in the book The element of which there is only one gram:

Scientists suggest that this soup could help us explain the origin of the universe. But where can you store something so hot? Obviously, nowhere. So the soup was produced, but only for a short time. A time span even less than a blink (in fact, so minor that you wouldn't even have time to order your eyelids to start moving). The soup existed for a billionth of a billionth of a second, and only occupied one billionth of a centimeter.

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