Watch Jupiter as you've never seen it before in this 4K video

Using high-resolution images captured by NASA's Hubble telescope, it was possible to conceive the video you have up here, in 4K quality, that is, a resolution four times higher than Full HD (1980 × 1080). Y the protagonist of the video is Jupiter, so you can see it in an unprecedented quality and appreciate many of its details, such as including the "Great Red Spot": a kind of storm or hurricane the size equivalent to three times the planet Earth.

Scientists say that these new images show a "strange wave" that they had never seen inside the stain. You can also appreciate that Jupiter is imposing, both for its brown colors and for its size: It is the largest celestial body of the Solar System, with a mass almost two and a half times that of the other planets together (with a mass 318 times greater than that of Earth and 3 times greater than that of Saturn). However, Jupiter is still a gas ball, formed mainly by hydrogen and helium, lacking a defined interior surface.