Is the singularity closer than we think?

According to the futurist Ray Kurzweil, author of The singularity is near, the singularity is closer than we think. Technological uniqueness consists basically in the moment in which a computer, computer network or robot will be able to improve itself, recursively.

For Kurzweil, according to Moore's law, in 2050 there will already be computers of only one thousand euros that will have the processing capacity of all human brains on Earth.

As we read in the book Explorers of the future, from Juan Scaliter, Kurweil expresses itself in these terms:

In 2020 we will use nanorrobots to increase our brains with non-biological intelligence, starting with routine functions, such as those of the senses or memory, until we reach the logical analysis. In 2030 the non-biological part of our brain will be the dominant one and a decade later it will be a billion times more powerful.

Whether or not these predictions are too optimistic, the truth is that Moore's law it is being fulfilled every 24 monthsApproximately doubling the computing capacity of computers. In 2004, the semiconductor industry produced more transistors (and at a lower cost) than world rice grain production, according to the United States Semiconductor Industry Association.

(Although this year there has been a small delay that IBM plans to amend in the next exponential growth).

The robotics expert Hans MoravecFor example, he has studied in image processing of our retina (the only part of our brain that is outside the skull). Every second, performs about ten million movement calculations and tone detection. According to Scaliter:

That is why one hundred computers would be necessary to recreate the same levels that our retina reaches, in which there are only 0.02 grams of neurons, a weight seventy-five thousand times less than that of the whole brain, so, continuing with mathematics they would be It takes a hundred billion calculations per second to recreate the entire brain.

If Moore's law continues to be enforced, we will obtain this calculation capacity in the year 2020. Within five years.

Video: William Hertling on AI: The Singularity is closer than it appears! (November 2019).