What are the most annoying noise to sleep?

While we are sleeping in the arms of Morpheus, loosely, our brain continues unconsciously listening any sound that can be linked to an alert, like a siren or the knock of a door closing.

However, not all sounds are equally disturbing to sleep. And, in fact, women and men wake up more easily with some than with other sounds.

In the case of women, the sounds to which they are most sensitive when they sleep are the cry of a baby, if a tap drips and the uproar in the street.

In the case of mens, the sounds to which they are most sensitive when they sleep are the alarms of the cars, the hooting of the wind and the flight of the flies.

Transport noise

If we focus on the noise generated by transport, two Dutch researchers, Hen Miedema Y Hen Vos, analyzed how the noise of trains, airplanes and cars disturb us.

For it, they checked the data of 20,000 people, and after controlling the volume of the noises, they discovered that the noise of airplanes is more annoying than that of cars, and that of cars is worse than that of trains.

On the contrary, there are sounds that allow you to sleep better, basically because they muffle the most strident sounds. They are called white noises.

For example, a good white noise generator is a fan. Also if we sleep near the sea, the waves break on the beach. Or, as is my case, the hum of the computer reverberating all night.

Video: Most annoying noise when you are trying to sleep!! (November 2019).