This public address will be better understood in the stations

Recognize that, when you are at a station or airport waiting for the PA to announce your ticket or any other relevant detail, most of the time the words are unintelligible due to the noise that reigns in the place and to the echo that is produced (and, sometimes, to the poor diction of the one that uses the public address system).

To solve this problem, a new technology called Adapt DRC It captures and measures the ambient sound with a microphone and adjusts the volume of the speakers in real time. To keep your sound sharper, this system modulates the different intonation of vowels and constants.

The vowels are long and deep components, easy to understand, while the consonants like "p", "t" and "k" are very short and have higher frequencies and cost more to understand in noise environments. Second, the software takes into account the parts of the message where the voice signal records different volumes. It is what is known as voice dynamics, the different graduations in the intensity of the sound, from stronger grades to softer ones.

This software has been developed by a team of researchers from the Fraunhofer Institute of Digital Media Technology, based in Oldenburg (Germany).

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