Is the Great Barrier Reef about to disappear?

Located in the Coral Sea, off the coast of Queensland in northeastern Australia, it can be seen from space because it is about 2600 kilometers long. The Great Barrier Reef, which we all discovered thanks to Captain James Cook in 1770 and which is one of the largest reefs in the world, an example of biodiversity and natural beauty, listed as a world heritage site, could be seriously damaged.

Corals are species very sensitive to changes in ocean temperature, so that, due to global warming, the place could be wasted in a short time. Not surprisingly, corals have declined by half since the 1980s. And now, another large percentage could disappear, as you can see in the video that heads this post. The great coral barrier is suffering the worst discoloration recorded so far.

Video: Australia's Great Barrier Reef disappearing due to climate change (December 2019).