This robot teaches children to program

Root It is an educational robot (and magnetic, because it moves along the board and can draw and erase) so that children can program using an app with icons; It is easy to "train" and that is why it fulfills its main objective. It is also equipped with a gyroscope and accelerometer to detect its position and allow more functions to be programmed.

In the application, called Square, Children approach the code but without writing code: they have icons of different shapes and colors that translate into commands.

As you can see in the video that heads this post, Root avoids obstacles, draws colors and responds to the amount of ambient light. Root is a hexagonal robot created by the robotics experts of the Harvard Wyss Institute. As one of the researchers of the concern explains, Raphael Cherney, on the Harvard news blog:

What Root does is bring coding to life in an extremely fun and accessible way. Children who have no coding experience may be programming robots in minutes. The coding taught on a computer keyboard is an abstract process that has no relation to the real world.

The researchers are in the process of searching for partners and curricula to be able to use this root robot in the classrooms.