When you are tired do you learn better?

Logic tells us that to learn something efficiently and quickly we must be rested, but it seems that there are certain learnings that it is better to obtain when we are tired, in aprticular learning procedures, such as the necessary coordination to ride a bike or the ability to predict patterns that are repeated.

At least that is what a new study carried out by a team of researchers from the Free University of Brussels suggests that has been published in Frontiers in Human Neoroscience.

Apparently, fatigue and mental fatigue allow to reduce cognitive control which usually opposes the automatic acquisition of new procedures, as evidenced in reaction tests on 23 French-speaking subjects with no history of psychiatric or neurological disease.

The study lasted three days. On day 0, a preliminary test session determined the maximum cognitive load capacity for each participant through a task. Those who were more fatigued acquired certain procedures better. Together, these studies suggest that learning in a particular memory system is facilitated in circumstances where the expression of other memory systems is hindered.

These data could be used hereafter for the organization of school schedules or more efficient sports training.

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