A "dragon baby" is photographed for the first time

In the depths of an ancient cave in Slovenia, a "baby dragon" just born And, for the first time, the cameras have witnessed the event. You can give the play in the video that heads this post to see it.

We say "dragon baby" because the creature photographed at birth is a copy of a "proteus anguinus", a very rare species that in ancient times It was believed to be the proof of the existence of dragons. Known as olm or "dragon breeding", this blind albino salamander lives exclusively in this underground kingdom of karst caves in the northern Adriatic.

In the aquarium of the grotto of Postojna, between Ljubljana and Trieste, eggs thrive since January under the objective of an infrared camera. On May 30, exactly four months after 64 eggs appeared, one of them hatched into a small healthy dragon. A Targaryen would be proud.

The hatches that are expected in the next few days are exceptional since an olm female lays eggs "every six to ten years."

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