Polyester pants reduce the fertility of rats, the IgNobel of the year

The IgNobel awards, the comic reverse but not without scientific interest of the Nobel Prize, have just been awarded. All categories have presented equally strange or singular winners, but without a doubt the most trapisondo of all has been the winner of the category Ig Nobel Reproduction.

In the study, Ahmed Shafik He analyzed the effects of wearing polyester, cotton or wool pants on the sexual life of rats, and conducting similar tests with human males.

Pants and sex

The study analyzed 75 rats with different types of shorts for a year and then studied how it affected their intercourse. Polyester, according to Shafik, clearly impaired the sexual performance of rodents, while there were no changes in the rats that wore their cotton or wool pants for twelve months in the laboratory.

Rats carrying polyester showed significantly lower rates of sexual activity perhaps due to electrostatic charges created by the material.

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