You can now have a copy of the golden Voyager discs in your home

The golden record of Voyager: 40th anniversary edition It is a copy of the golden discs that Voyager carries and that, after a kickstarter campaign, you can already get to decorate your house or listen to in your most melancholy days.

The creators of this wonder are David Pescovitz, from Boing Boing, and from Timothy Dalyby Amoeba Music, as well as the designer Lawrence Azerrad.

Better than a platinum disc

The platinum disc is fine for musicians, but for the rest of mortals there can be nothing more epic and great than a copy of this golden disc that was registered to be sent to the confines of the Solar System, so that some extraterrestrial intelligence, after hearing it, decided to pay us a visit or erase us from a stroke of the universe.

The contents of the discs are the same as the originals that travel through space. And the pack includes the box lined in fabric, three gold colored vinyl records, a large hardcover book, a lithograph of the cover drawing and a card to download MP3 / FLAC music.

In 1977, NASA's Voyager 1 robotic probe took off from the Earth towards the ends of the universe. Jnow you have just left the limits of the Solar System and entered the interstellar space, which you have never been explored yet by any other human ship. Thanks to its long plutonium battery, it still keeps sending us data of everything it registers with its senses. And he will continue to do his job until 2025, the estimated date when the battery will run out.

In their guts are two gold discs of gramophone in which there are recorded images and sounds of life on Earth. Just press the play, the disc would reproduce a greeting in English from the UN General Secretariat. The second audio section are greetings in 55 languages, including four Chinese dialects, twelve languages ​​of South Asia and five ancient languages. Naturally, there is also Spanish. And latin. And, among other things, we will also find:

  • "Music of the Spheres", Johannes Kepler Harmonices Mundi performed by Laurie Spiegel.
  • Volcanoes, earthquakes, rays.
  • Mud pit.
  • Wind, rain, sea.
  • Cricket, frog.
  • Birds, hyenas, elephants.
  • Chimpanzees
  • Wolf.
  • Footprints, heartbeat, laugh.
  • Fire.
  • The first tools.
  • Meek dog.
  • Sheep grazing, birdsong, blacksmith,
  • sawn.
  • Riveter.
  • Morse code, ships (precisely, a siren of a
  • ship).
  • Horse and carriage.
  • Train.
  • Tractors, buses, car.
  • Flight over an F-111, take off from Saturn V.
  • Kiss, mother and child.
  • Vital signs, press.

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