Do we get fat because food is getting cheaper?

There are many ideas about the obesity epidemic that the First World is suffering, from the invention of electric light to excess sedentary lifestyle, going through a kind of social contagion.

A less obvious idea is that obesity too It could be the result of cheaper food.

Cheap food, junk food

When we are told that a community is poor but among its members there are many obese people we could believe that they are not so poor then, but the truth is that poverty leads to obesity: among other things, because low purchasing power forces you to consume very caloric and cheap foods (precisely those who gain more weight), instead of fruits and vegetables (much more expensive).

The point is that food has been getting cheaper in recent decades, and this correlates with the increase in obesity. In 1971, Americans spent 13.4% of their disposable income on food, but currently spends only 6.5%. On the other hand, some fruits and vegetables have increased their price significantly, as this study suggests Michael Grossman, Erdal Tekin Y Roy Wada.

According to his calculations, a highly nutritious diet it can cost up to ten times more than a diet based on junk food or low nutritional levels, such as cookies, chips or soda.

There is probably no single cause for global obesity, and all of them contribute in some percentage difficult to determine, but perhaps increasing the price of a certain class of food could contribute to discourage consumption, as they are already beginning to do with some initiatives.
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