The catabatic winds: winds as fast as the AVE

The Spanish high-speed train, the AVE, is the only one capable of reaching the country an operational commercial speed of 300 km / h. In just over two hours, we can plant from Barcelona to Madrid. But the winds that are on our planet can be even faster.

The calamic winds, for example, they can reach that speed.

What are they?

When it is cold, dense arie at altitudes that descend due to the force of gravity can cause catabolic (or falling) winds. Around the coastal cliff of Antarctica these winds they can be 300 kilometers per hour. As local geography directs them, the catabatic winds are very regular in their direction.

The maximum recorded wind speed is in Mount Washington, United States: on March 12, 1934, 371 kilometers per hour; but in general the windiest place is Commonwealth Bay, in Antarctica, where gusts of 320 kilometers per hour have been felt.
Image | Safe Circle