Look me in the eye: why is it hard for us to look at them when we talk?

Although it is popularly said that you cannot trust someone who speaks without looking you in the eye, it is uncommon for us to talk aboutin continuously looking away from our interlocutor. And that does not underlie any insecurity or lack of sincerity, as revealed by a new study published in the journal Cognition.

In addition, staring into each other's eyes can cause discomfort or give the feeling that we are pursuing a more intimate situation.

The study authors, a team of researchers from the University of Kyoto, said that maintaining eye contact is an effort to the brain. As the authors explain Shogo Kajimura Y Michio Nomura:

Although eye contact and verbal processing seem independent, people often avoid the gaze of their interlocutors during a conversation. This suggests that there is interference between both processes. We suggest the hypothesis that this interference occurs because both mechanisms share cognitive resources.