If you call your partner with your ex's name you have no problem

Although it could lead to a problem of conjugal jealousy, calling your partner as your ex-partner does not necessarily mean that you are thinking about her. Or that you suffer some kind of cognitive problem.

In fact, according to a recent study, it is something that happens frequently (not only with couples): we tend to confuse the names of people who belong to the same group or social category.

Lapsus linguae

The study of marras has been published in Memory & Cognition and he interviewed more than 1,700 people who had once called another by the wrong name or who had been victims of this lapsus linguae.

David Rubin, professor of psychology and neuroscience at Duke University and lead author of the study, suggests that these errors are frequent and normal, and that names that sound similar are also likely to be confused with each other more frequently.

The physical appearance of a person, on the other hand, is not such an important factor when making these mistakes. That is, you are not necessarily thinking of your ex when you call your partner with your ex's name. Age also neither does it seem to influence people getting confused by naming another person
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