The future underwater station that China plans to build

Wan Gang, Minister of Science and Technology of China, explained at a national work conference on science and technology in January that the program of deep marine stations is one of the 'Important Projects for 2030' of the country in science and technology, and the preparation of project has already begun.

So it will be, then, the deep underwater laboratory will be able to simultaneously house dozens of people for months.

Underwater station

According Yan Kai, director of the laboratory for the development of equipment for the deep ocean:

China's deep sea submersible, Jiaolong, can remain in the water for 12 hours and accommodate a few workers, however, the future deep sea space station could remain underwater for two weeks or even several months.

As for the energy supply, fuel cells and nuclear energy offer possible solutions, and new energies can be found in the deep sea.

And, according to According Yan, the construction of an underwater station is no less demanding or difficult than establishing a space station in orbit.

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