Mature women have a hard time in flirting networks

There are more and more networks to flirt, find a stable partner and even throw a rod in the air. However, the possibilities of both sexes are not symmetrical, neither are the objectives regarding age.

In general terms, they are always attractive, regardless of age, but they have more crude as they turn years. It does not matter what people think in a survey about it: these trends are those observed in the link networks.

Age VS Resources

In a role he plays Matthew McConaughey in the film Movement of 76, synthesizes very well the trends of social networks to link: "That's what I like about high school girls: I get older but they are still the same age."

Maybe because women have other motivations, in addition to physics, such as economic resources or culture and experience, as he explains Christian Rudder, co-founder and president of the dating website Okcupidin his book Dataclism, women send more messages, and not less, to a man as he grows older, until he slightly exceeds thirty.

From there, the number of contacts decreases, but at a rate that does not depart much from the general decline in the number of women available.

In the case of women, however, in addition to losing men from their reservation due to marriage, their age will weigh as a slab: fewer and fewer single men will find her attractive.

The number of single men decreases rapidly with age: according to the United States census, there are 10 million men whose age is between 20 and 24 years, but only 5 million between 30 and 34 and only 3.5 million 40 to 44

When the woman reaches 50, the number of men willing to be with them is significantly reduced.

A 32-year-old woman registers, indicates her age preference by filtering between 28 and 35 and begins to explore. A 35-year-old man enters, adjusts his age preference between 24 and 40 and rarely contacts any woman over 29. Neither of them finds what he is looking for.

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