No, whole wheat bread is not healthier (depending on how you are)

If we compare the benefits of whole wheat bread with those of white bread, we will probably think that whole wheat bread will be for many reasons much healthier than white bread.

However, a new study published in Cell Metabolism reveals that there are no significant differences between the two.

Wholemeal bread

The researchers behind the aforementioned study are from the Weizman Institute in Israel, they have stood out from other similar studies being the first to analyze which one is more beneficial depending on its effects on the microbiome, that is, on the set of microbes that live in the human intestine.

The study analyzed subjects that consumed white bread and whole wheat bread, measuring various parameters, such as glucose levels, essential minerals, cholesterol, kidney and liver enzymes and various markers of inflammation and tissue damage. As he concluded They were Segal, one of the principal investigators of the investigation:

Contrary to our expectations, there were no clinically significant differences in the effects of these two types of bread on any of the parameters we measured.

When analyzing blood sugar levels, they observed that approximately half of the participants responded better to processed white flour bread and the other half to whole wheat bread, that is, each person has a different glycemic response for the same diet.
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