Students are better off without a laptop in the classroom

The laptops They have already become indispensable tools in many classrooms, especially on university campuses.

However, new research suggests that these tools do not help students.

Portable effect

Laptops can improve the university experience by facilitating commitment to online course material, providing access to research sources, maximizing practice searches and even improving communication with friends and parents. In class, even, They are an ally to take notes.

But new research by scientists at Michigan State University suggests that laptops do not improve classroom learning, and in fact students they would be better leaving them in the bedroom during class.

Basically, because they distract. While in the classroom, the student has more temptations to check social networks, watch a YouTube video, read news, and other non-academic content.

This self-inflicted distraction has a cost, since students are spending Up to a third of class time is non-academic homework, which is finally reflected in the ratings and performance.

After monitoring the use of laptops by a group of students, researchers at Michigan State University, finding a correlation between the longer laptop use for non-academic purposes and poor academic results.

While Internet use is related to poor academic performance, It is a symptom rather than a cause, in the same way that low energy is a symptom of obesity and not a causal factor in heart disease. If students stop paying attention to a class when they are disinterested or bored, and instead review social media, then boredom and not the use of the Internet is the source of poor academic results.

However, this study indicates that it is not boredom in itself that makes academic results worse. Students with better grades, if they started using laptops, also suffered from the same problems. That is, it seems that the cause of the poor performance is the laptop itself, the temptation to escape easily.

And, in addition, taking notes by hand seems more effective than doing it on a computer, thereby losing the supposed advantages of the laptop. Not to mention that the use of laptops also affects the performance of other students, even if they do not use them. Maybe we should go back to the old ways?

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