It is not Wall-e, but the floating robot of the International Space Station

Although if innocent look reminds us of the nice Wall-e (although his deeds evoke rather his sentimental partner, Eva), it is really about a ball-shaped robot that floats in the International Space Station (ISS).

Int-Ball, which is its name, is a creation of the Japan space agency (JAXA), and It was manufactured using 3D printing.

A camera drone

More than a robot, we are facing a drone equipped with a camera that will examine the interiors of the ISS. It has 15 centimeters in diameter of 15 centimeters, a mass of 1 kg and is equipped with 12 fans around it to move around.

The drone is controlled from Earth, by JAXA. And it will also allow you to take pictures continuously (also from Earth) so that we can delight in them.

Video: Astrobee is a free-flying robot system for the International Space Station. (February 2020).