This is the first drug that acts as a kidney protector

When the kidney fails in what is called acute renal failure The ability to remove these wastes is lost, which can cause chronic illness or even death. Now, researchers at Gregorio Marañón Hospital have patented a molecule that acts as a protector for the kidney against the toxicity of other drugs used to treat cancer or infections.

The researchers say that it is the first nephroprotector that develops and It will help prevent acute renal failure of patients, which in more than 40% is generated by side effects.

Kidney failure

The new drug, called cilastatin protects, the kidney in more than 80% of cases against the toxicity of drugs widely used in the treatment of certain cancers, transplants or infections. As detailed Alberto Weaver, director of the Pathophysiology Laboratory of the Madrid hospital:

The medicine is able to safely use other drugs for the kidney that, without cilastatin, would harm the kidney. This increases the safety of cancer treatment, drugs for transplant rejection may continue to be used, and new antibiotics whose use was prohibitive because of the lesion they produced at the renal level can begin to be used.

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