What was the first word that was transmitted online 48 years ago?

Today October 29, 48 years ago, the first word would be transmitted online. The teacher Leonard Kleinrock and his student Charlie Kline They were in a laboratory at the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA) was trying to communicate with a computer 600 km away. It was the first time something like this was done.


At the laboratory, Kleinrock I was in charge of a 60s SDS computer, Sigma 7 model. This Sigma 7 was connected to a refrigerator-sized switch (switch) and it was connected to the AT&T telephone line. This system was the first node in the network called Arpanet, an Internet precursor.

In 1962, the professor Leonard Kleinrock He had developed the theory of "data packet switching", which is the technology that up to now supports the internet. In order for computers to communicate with each other, scientists at UCLA had to type the word LOG (first three letters of login or "login" in Spanish). However, only the first two letters were transmitted.

So the first word transmitted was simply LO.