Most people do not feel intense pain when they die

If what scares you most about death is suffering, good news: you probably won't die suffering the unspeakable. Most people, when they die, He does it without experiencing severe pain.

In other words, we leave in peace.

Palliative Care

The evidence about palliative care is that pain and other symptoms, such as fatigue, insomnia and breathing, improve as people get closer to death. More than 85% of palliative care patients have no severe symptoms at the time they die.

These palliative care includes more thorough assessments of the patient's needs, better medications and better multidisciplinary care (not only doctors and nurses, but also health workers such as therapists, counselors, etc.).

Contrary to popular perceptions, people in their final days and hours experience less pain and other problems than before in their illness. In 2016, approximately one quarter of all palliative care patients (26%) reported having one or more severe symptoms when palliative care began. This decreased to 13.9% when death approached.
Image | Xu-Gong