What is the greatest distance reached with a single electric bicycle charge?

On October 12, 2017, Vitalli Arhipin (Ukraine) traveled 367,037 kilometers on a Delfast electric bicycle of the Prime model in the Kiev Velodrome.

The bike completed 1,317 laps on the circuit, with two short stops en route, in about 17 hours.

Naturally, the bicycle only had pedaling assistance, so it doesn't have as much merit as calculating the longest ride with an electric motorcycle. In this case, each battery has its own limitations. Let's go with the one with the greatest autonomy.

Electric motorcycle

Own Ukrainian brand Delfast, announced the launch of an electric bicycle model, the previous record, which would have a range of up to 380 kilometers. Or what is the same, much more than electric cars.

It has a 1000W motor and a 48V 64Ah battery with more than 3000 charge cycles, which allows a “cruising speed” of between 40 and 45 km / h, and a maximum speed of 55.

At the moment, what they have achieved is somewhat less, but it is already a world record: a mark of 367 kilometers traveled with a single battery charge.