Cats recognize the voice of their owners, but choose to ignore it

According to new research, they recognize their owner's voice, but they don't react to it, despite everything.

It is the conclusion reached by a group of Japanese researchers after conducting experiments with twenty domestic cats. In them, they played recordings of cat owners calling their pets. They also played recordings of three strangers who called the cats, using the same words as the owners.

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To quantify the reactions of the cats, the researchers recorded the frequency with which the cats moved the head, tail, legs or ears, or if they meowed or dilated their pupils.

While cats showed a significantly greater response when their owners called them by their names than to strangers who did the same, they didn't bother to get up in any of the cases.

The authors believe that the scornful attitudes of cats they are the product of their evolutionary history during the last 9 000 years. Historically speaking, cats, unlike dogs, have not been tamed to obey the orders of humans. Therefore, the authors also conclude that "the aspect of the behavior of cats that makes their owners adhere to them have not yet been determined"
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