This is the most stinky substance in the world and has been created by the United States Government

The most stinky substance in the world is called Standard Bathroom Malodor, and was created by the United States Government. It is a transparent liquid composed of all the chemical substances that give the bad smell to the excrement.

Its smell is so strong that it can be detected in concentrations as low as one part of Malodor for 999,999 parts of water (the equivalent of a teaspoon in an Olympic pool).


Pam Dalton, an American psychologist world expert in foul smells, was commissioned to conceive a horrible smell, in early 2000. The US military wanted Dalton to develop the future Malodor as a deterrent weapon, perhaps to spread disturbances or to force the enemy out of Some hiding place It has this composition:

  • Dipropylene Glycol 62.82%
  • Thioglycolic acid 21.18%
  • Hexanoic acid 6.00%
  • N-methylmorpholine 6.00%
  • p-cresyl (4-methylphenyl 3-methylbutanoate) 2.18% isovalerate
  • 2-Naphthalenediol 0.91%
  • Escatol 0.91%

The use of fetid pumps for these purposes has advantages over traditional disturbance control agents: unlike pepper and tear gas, It is believed that fetid bombs are not dangerous and are effective at low concentrations.

It represents the epitome of bad smell technology, although the natural world also has very strong and disgusting odors. The most stinky compound of all, so stinky that it would leave a skunk like a neutral-smelling animal, is the thioketone. A simple drop of this compound can be smeared 500 meters away, and those who sniff the tufo can vomit or lose consciousness. In 1889, in the German city of Freiburg, there was a leak of this compound that forced a massive eviction. Ideal for a deadly fetid bomb. But neither is negligible mercaptan, a sulfur compound that generates decomposing matter. Even the US Department of Defense has tried to reproduce this tufo to make a more effective fetid bomb.

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